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The OJO Medal

order of james oglethorpe

The NGAGA has established the National Guard Association of Georgia (NGAGA) The Order of James Oglethorpe.

The Order of James Oglethorpe honors private citizens and military patrons hereafter named “Legacy Donors” who promote the long term health of the National Guard Association of Georgia and National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) by donating Life Memberships to Georgia National Guard Company Grade Officers (CGOs).

The Order of James Oglethorpe is a 3-inch medallion with a red, white, and blue ribbon. The medallion is worn with dinner attire at the Annual NGAGA State Conference dinner and other NGAGA functions.


grad cap

$3000 Winners

Billy W. Bassett *
Thomas E. Naldrett *
Harold Weaver *
Ian S. Heller *

$1000 Winners

Cashun L. Barr
Maryellen Bohlman
Jedidiah D. Burris
Isabel Calimlim
Amelia Cherry
Ashley K. Fairfax
Xavier A. Genio
Caroline P. Gentry
Bianca A. Hamm
Isabella G. Hamm
Lauren A. Lane
Imena Lazenby-Coronado
Victoria A. Mills
Candice F. Naldrett
Cassie F. Naldrett
Lillian G. Parker
Cassie A. Reynolds
Ariel G. Riley
Kailani N. Serapion
Molly M. Waldron

* = currently serving at time of award