Are you a member of YOUR Georgia Guard Credit Union?

If the answer is NO – Then here’s what you're missing out on:

BANKING SERVICES: The GGCU was established with you the individual guardsman in mind… Our effort is to offer you checking, savings, ATM Cards, Certificate of Deposit, and Loans etc at a very competitive rate! Once you are a member these benefits are available to members of your immediate family… Contact GGCU now to see how easy it is to become a member:  www.ggcu.org

LOANS: GGCU’s number one mission is to provide the best rates possible to its members… Experience shows that GGCU is able to save guard members hundreds of dollars. How? By converting loans with double digit interest rates into a single digit rate … The results are savings of hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars over the life of a loan. At present the GGCU is able to compete with or beat the interest that your bank is charging for a loan!

EXPERT LENDING ADVICE: YOUR Credit Union has expert lenders who are “at the ready” to provide you with the best financial consultation before you make that “big purchase” like a new car or new boat. More often than not, new car dealers or boat dealers offer what appear to be unbelievable deals, such as “Zero % Car Loans or “Huge Rebates.” YOUR Credit Union is prepared to arm you with the best possible information about the price of your purchase and the best “deal” to take from the dealer. There are times when it is better to “take the rebate” and finance your car with a GGCU LOW INTEREST LOAN!

So – if you’re not a member, becoming one is easy. You can email us now at www.ggcu.org to see how easy it is or you can call (478) 741-4428 or Toll Free (888) 999-4428. If you're in the neighborhood, come by and see us. We’re located in Macon, Georgia (located at RTI/GMI):

Let YOUR GGCU loan officer show how they may be able save you dollars on your banking services or new loan!

Georgia Guard Credit Union
1030 Shurling Drive
Macon, GA 31211

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