This award is presented annually to one individual to recognize the achievements and dedicated service of Army and Air National Guard junior officers who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and professionalism in their services and community. BG Terrell T. Reddick, who passed away in September 2005, served in the Georgia Army National Guard for more than 37 years and as President of the National Guard Association of Georgia. In both his civilian and military careers, BG Reddick demonstrated the kind of inspirational leadership that helped everyone see the good that was in them and how to be the best they could be. His leadership and warrior spirit truly concretizes the model leader that members of the Georgia National Guard and the National Guard Association of Georgia strive to emulate. The award recognizes company grade officers who demonstrate the ideals for which BG Reddick stood.

A walnut plaque (a design chosen by the NGAGA board of directors) with the following inscription on a silver plate is presented to the recipient: “The Terrell T. Reddick Leadership Award Presented to (name of recipient) In Recognition of Your Selfless Service, Leadership, and Ability to Help Others to Become the Best They Can Be” – National Guard Association of Georgia – (Date) – “Soldiers Matter”

Nominees must be a second lieutenant, first lieutenant or captain serving in either the Army National Guard or the Air National Guard during the award period for which the award is given. Nominees must be members of both NGAGA and NGAUS.

Whole-career information will be submitted and evaluated to include: accomplishments in duty assignments; career progression, training and professional development activities; community service demonstrating leadership or exemplary character; military and civilian education; awards and decorations; experience and achievements; leadership qualities and character.

Nomination and Selection Procedures
Nomination forms should include recommended endorsements from unit commander, battalion or wing commander. Previous recipients may not be nominated. Each service component may submit more than one nomination each year.

Past Recipients

CPT Ian Jennings
CPT Gunnar Schrepfer
CPT Connor Sealock
Capt Markus do
Capt Kari Giles
CW2 Brian Sexton

1st Lt Chase Eriksen
CPT Letitia Williams
CPT David Young
CPT Patrick Jarvis

CPT Andrew M. Silva
CPT Johnathan L. Whitmire
CPT Kimberly R. Adkins
CPT Matthew T. Silva

CPT Samuel White
Capt Roosevelt F. James IV

Capt Todd A. Swanson
CPT Santos Rivera III
CPT Edner J. Julien
CPT William B. Sherfesee

CPT Elliott Wells
Capt Chad Kale
CPT Brantley Lockhart
CPT Keri McGregor
Capt Christopher Fox
CPT Nathan Turk

Capt Philip B. Gellins
CPT Janna L. Hoeg
Capt Dean P. Johnson
Capt Salena J. Kimsey
CPT Kevin Matthews
CPT Zachary A. Melda
CPT Jason C. Royal

CPT Daniel R. Sekula
Capt Mark A. Cook
CPT Paul "Mitch" Leachman
Capt Billy W. Bassett
CPT Daniel A. Nichols
1LT Jeremiah K. Stafford
CPT Matt A. Smith
CHAPLAIN (CPT) Brian H. Mize

CPT Craig L. Keller
CPT Daniel R. Bodie
2Lt Andrea N. Fabian
CPT Jared D. Smith
CPT Brian A. Foster
CPT Brian McKenna
CPT Paul L. Rothenbuhler
CPT Bart A. Scocco

CPT Patrick Grover
CPT Luke Gurley
CPT Larry Hartman
CPT Daniel  Chicola
1LT Jason Griner
CPT Christopher Dryden
CPT Abby Walker
Capt Caseylee Lipscomb
Capt Christopher Swann

Capt Gordon L. Polston
1Lt James J. O'Shea,
Capt Rebecca M. Burton
Capt Timothy M. Riley.
Capt Pamela Stauffer
1Lt Robert L. Brumfield
1LT Ryan A. Schwartz
1LT John Riddle
1LT Stephen Kump
CPT Gregory S. Koester
CPT Russell F. Dasher
1LT Travis Cornwall
CPT Shilo Crane
CPT Samuel T. Weeks
CPT Nuir A. Hussein
1LT Marina R. Johnson
CPT Juan Hernandez

CPT Aaron Anderson
CPT Andrew Banister
Capt Melissa Gesser
Capt Steven Grogan
1LT Michael Johnson
CPT Jean Paul Laurenceau

CHP (1LT) Jimmy Bellamy
Capt Nicole Davis
1LT Roy Fountain Jr.
1LT Brandon Lake
Capt Rock Mendenhall
Capt Anthony Ogle
CPT Leif Rivera
CPT Louis Williams