Purpose and Responsibility

The NGAGA Awards Committee is appointed for the purpose of selecting and/or certifying the individuals and /or organizations recommended to NGAGA for the receipt of NGAGA awards herein authorized or submitting state level nominations to NGAUS for NGAUS awards identified herein. The Awards Committee has the authority to either upgrade or downgrade the award for which a candidate has been nominated.

Awards Committee Selection and Duties

  • The Awards Committee will consist of five members, a chair (member of the board) and four at-large positions (two ARNG and two ANG) of two year terms each.
  • The member terms will be staggered every two years, with terms running from 1/1/YEAR to 12/31/YEAR.
  • The Chair of Board and/or Board of Directors at the next quarterly meeting will replace any member that fails to complete a term (with a member of the same component).
  • Awards Committee members may be removed or replaced by the Chair of the Board and/or Board of Directors at any time.
  • Awards Committee recommendations will be presented by the Chair of the Committee to the Board of Directors for approval or denial (typically during winter and spring quarterly meetings).

The Awards Committee duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • Perform audit oversight as directed by the Board of Directors (Chair).
  • Be selected and appointed for a specific term by the NGAGA Board of Directors.
  • Review and know the NGAGA and NGAUS Awards SOP.
  • Keep in contact with the Awards Chair throughout the year.
  • Attend (by phone or in person) quarterly/annual Awards Committee meetings, providing thoughtful and realistic review of the award nominations. Maintain a tracking sheet of votes for the nominations (provided in advance of meetings). Be present at each NGAGA Conference business session to assist presentations.
  • Downgrade or upgrade awards as appropriate with criteria, and/or intent of the awards program (i.e. to a certificate for Meritorious or Valley Forge).

Awards Committee Chair Duties

  • Be selected and appointed for a specific term by the NGAUS Board of Directors.
  • Be a member of the Board of Directors.
  • Selection is based on past experience, knowledge of the process, and determined ability to facilitate the process.
  • Keep abreast of the Awards process throughout the year, and become the Board of Directors representative for awards.
  • Early May (or sooner if required during a quarterly Board of Directors meeting), chair the annual Awards Committee meeting.
  • Meet with NGAGA BOD prior to the Annual General Conference Session to review room layout (chairs for awardees, photographer, announcer), awards process, and resolve any last minute issues.
  • Be present at each business session to present the awards with the NGAGA President and Executive Director.
  • Mentor and train Awards Committee members in the process and their duties.
  • Supervise and be responsible for the entire NGAGA Awards process.

Awards After Action Review Process

  • Awards AAR process will be completed to insure adequacy and administrative effectiveness is maintained at the highest levels.
  • Awards committee members will submit comments or suggested changes to the Awards Chair (or BOD) prior to the fall quarterly BOD meeting.
  • Awards Chair and NGAGA BOD review past year’s process and make suggested changes to the Awards SOP.
  • Awards Chair (or NGAGA BOD in absence) will provide a presentation of suggested changes (if any) to the Awards SOP NLT the fall quarterly BOD meeting.