The NGAGA Certificate of Appreciation is designed to provide recognition to an individual or entity for outstanding support of the National Guard Association of Georgia and/or the Georgia National Guard.

Any individual or entity may be nominated. It is the desire of NGAGA to be generous with this certificate but not award it indiscriminately.

This award is a printed certificate bearing the name of the National Guard Association of Georgia, the title of the award and the name of the recipient appropriately lettered, printed on fine quality paper in color. The certificate also bears the seal of NGAGA and will read below the seal: “The National Guard Association of Georgia Certificate of Appreciation is Awarded to (name of the recipient), in recognition of patriotic service rendered the National Guard of Georgia, awarded this (number) day of (month), 20(year)”, and is signed by the president of NGAGA, the executive director of NGAGA and if available, the Adjutant General of Georgia.

Any individual or entity that renders outstanding support of the Georgia National Guard, the National Guard or NGAGA.
Nomination and Selection Procedures

Any member of NGAGA may nominate any individual or entity to receive this award. The Georgia NGAGA Certificate of Appreciation is usually presented more than once annually. This award may also be used for other purposes to provide recognition by NGAGA for service rendered and may be presented at any time. However, if in the view of the Awards Committee that an individual or entity should be recognized more than once in a calendar year, the committee may deem that only one award will be given.