National Guard Association of Georgia

Life Insurance Program

The Georgia Guard Insurance Trust sponsored by the National Guard Association of Georgia offers affordable Group Term Life Insurance to Georgia Guard Members and their families.

To simplify your payments the life insurance premium can be deducted from your drill check. Since the start of the life insurance program by your National Guard Association in 1984, the NGAGA insurance program has paid soldiers and family members over $14,000,000 in death benefits. The payment of this large sum of money is not pleasant but it affirms that your Association was there when it was needed. Additionally Death benefits are paid within 24 hours of notification.

The NGAGA Life Insurance Offers:

  • Coverage up to $50,000
  • Low Cost, $10,000 individual policy $4.00 per month
  • $10,000 at no cost for one year for new Georgia Guard Members
  • Payroll deductible from your drill pay
  • Coverage may be continued even if you leave the Guard with less than 20 years service
  • Coverage provided until age 65 (convertible to whole life)
  • Full conversion privilege upon termination regardless of health
  • Payable in event of death for any cause
  • No war or suicide clause
  • Death benefit paid within 24 hours of notification
  • Your spouse and dependent children can be covered under this plan

For information about Life Insurance for Guard Members and their families or to sign up for the coverage contact the GGIT office.

(770) 739-9651 or (800) 229-1053.

US Mail:
Georgia Guard Insurance Trust
P.O. Box 889
Mableton, Georgia 30126

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SGM James W. Grady, President GGIT & EANGGA
BG (Ret.) Marshall Kennemer, Administrator GGIT & Executive Director NGAGA
1SG (Ret.) Billy Atkinson
CSM (Ret.) James Dennis
COL Thomas Grabowski
COL Reginald Neal, President-Elect NGAGA
LTC Anthony Poole
CSM (Ret.) Davis Harper, Executive Director EANGGA
SGM (Ret.) Jackie McKennie
MSG (Ret.) J. P. Stevens
COL John Verhage, President NGAGA
CPT Michael Viskup
BG (Ret.) Edward Wexler

Emeritus Members

CMSgt (Ret) Larry Cannon, Emeritus
BG (Ret.) Harold W. Carlisle. Emeritus
BrigGen (Ret.) Walter C. Corish, Jr., Emeritus
CMSgt (Ret) Clyde Harper, Emeritus/Secretary
LTC (Ret.) Charlie B. Neely, Emeritus
BrigGen (Ret.) Carl C. Poythress, Jr., Emeritus


BG (Ret) Marshall Kennemer, Administrator
Ms Sue Daniel, Deputy Administrator