1. When Article Invoked
This article may be invoked by majority vote of the Board in the event of war or national emergency proclaimed by the President of the United States or declared by the Congress of the United States. This article, when invoked, shall take precedence over any conflicting provision of the By-Laws of this Association.

2. Tenure and Filling Vacancies
On or after the date of invocation of this article:

a. The tenure in office of each Officer of the Association and of each member of the Board of the Association is, if so determined by a majority vote of the Board, extended for the duration of the war or national emergency and for six months thereafter or until the Board, by majority vote, determines that this article shall no longer remain in effect;
b. The Board may, by a two-thirds vote, replace an Officer unable to fulfill his duties due to war or national emergency;
c. In the event of a vacancy on the Board, other than an Officer of the Association, the Board shall elect thereto, by majority vote and in keeping with the Board composition specified in Section 5.02, an eligible member of the Association to serve the unexpired term;
d. If the offices of President and President Elect are both vacant, the Board, by majority vote, shall elect one of its members to the office of President;
e. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Vice President (Army), Vice President (Air), Secretary, or Treasurer of the Association, the Board shall elect to that office, by majority vote, a member of the Association;
f. The Board may, by two-thirds vote, suspend the operation of any provision of these by-laws.