The Board shall:

1. Retain an Executive Director whose tenure, salary, duties and responsibilities shall be those enumerated in the By-Laws and Appendix B.
2. Establish the facilities and related criteria for a General Conference.
3. Fix the time and place of a General Conference based upon a recommendation of the President.
4. Consider the annual budget for the Association as recommended to it by the Committee on Finance, revise, amend or modify it as desired and approve the expenditure of the funds as set forth in the budget.
5. Exercise direction and control over and provide for the proper care and maintenance of the property of the Association.
6. Issue the call for a General Conference of the Association in the event the Chairman of the Board fails to do so.
7. Provide the Executive Director a conflict of interest disclosure statement to the Association on or before December 31st of each year. The statement shall be reviewed by the President of the Board and if any conflicts with the Association are perceived, he shall discuss them with the Board member and if deemed necessary by the President, bring the issue before the Board.
8. Perform such additional duties and exercise such additional powers as are specifically granted in, or required, the By-Laws of the Association.

The Board may:

1. Order a review of the records and finances of the Association by an outside accountant in addition to the triennial review required by the By-Laws.
2. By a majority vote of the total Board (not a quorum), refuse admission to any applicant for membership in the Association.